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Alfie Best is a diamond setter by trade, creating handmade jewellery, who is based in Hatton Garden. Alfie specialise in producing the finest diamond accessories for life's best moments. Whether you're celebrating an engagement, a milestone birthday, or a significant achievement, mark the precious occasion with a brilliantly sparkling custom-made piece of diamond jewellery

Why buy bespoke handmade Jewellery?

Diamond jewellery can act as a token to reflect the moments in life that take our breath away, and should be bespoke to define a unique, precious memory. Whether it be a brightly sparkling diamond engagement ring, a glittering lucky charm or a sophisticated accessory to mark an achievement, beautifully designed handmade jewellery can define life's greatest moments.

Capture a personal, fleeting memory with bespoke diamond jewellery that lasts an eternity. Alfie has designed a wide spectrum of timelessly elegant diamond jewellery From lavishly encrusted stylish accessories to graceful and delicate pieces with light, lustrous diamonds.

What range of designs?

Ranging from sleek, contemporary designs with small droplets of glistening diamonds to extravagant creations that make a beautiful and bold statement, Alfie designs diamond jewellery to suit your individual style.

What type of Jewellery?

Whether you're looking for a beautifully radiant diamond engagement ring, a pair of graceful earrings, a timelessly elegant bracelet or a stunning light necklace, all laced with the brightest diamonds, Alfie can produce mesmerizing creations that are quintessentially beautiful.

Why choose Alfie Best?

To design bespoke diamond jewellery, a personal approach is essential to identify the individual style of a client. Alfie is highly proficient in this service. His amiable, warm nature will ensure you feel at ease to discuss your ideas, collaborating with you throughout the whole process, to perfectly produce the jewellery you had in mind from the very start. Alfie doesn't keep any stock at his jewellers, reinforcing that his service is 100% bespoke, ensuring that your creation is entirely unique and exclusive. Give Alfie a call to discuss how he can make your dream jewellery a reality.

"beautifully designed handmade jewellery can define life's greatest moments"