Alfie has been designing, creating and setting diamond jewellery for over 24 years.

After leaving school he was offered an apprenticeship and fell in love with the trade. The highly positive reaction he gets once he presents customers with their finished pieces is continuously overwhelming and invaluable and is thus the reason why Alfie has been in the diamond trade for so long.

After an intense training program, Alfie naturally gained extensive experience and decided to establish his own handmade diamond jewellers in Hatton Garden in 1993, and so ‘Alfie Best Jewellery' was born. With his jewellery featuring in countless national newspapers such as The Sunday Express over the years, it's clear that establishing his own bespoke jewellers has been an excellent move.

For over 2 decades he has assembled a strong client base purely through word of mouth and recommendation, which essentially affirms Alfie's eye for beauty and his tremendous talent.

With Alfie's exceptional expertise, you can put your complete trust in him to produce your desired piece. Why not get in touch with Alfie for a chat about some initial diamond jewellery ideas?


When buying a ring, Alfie Best can supply GIA certified diamonds. GIA are the world's leading specialists in diamond grading, meaning that Alfie only uses the finest, brightest diamonds that illuminate radiantly off your skin.

Alfie vigilantly oversees the whole process of the craftsmanship, and personally selects the diamonds for your specific accessory. Diamond jewellery reflects truly special memories, so you shouldn't have to make any compromises when it comes to the finished piece. An exceptional and beautiful piece of diamond jewellery can spark an incredible memory, and stunning jewellery can only be produced with the utmost care and attention to detail. This is where Alfie's expertise lies. His extreme meticulousness in fine craftsmanship means that he produces the most exquisite, captivating creations for his clients, ensuring that the memory of the occasion lasts a lifetime.

Alfie is passionate about producing gorgeous, yet wearable jewellery. As you work together to design your ideal piece, Alfie will educate you about the best weight and size for specific accessories, ensuring your bespoke jewellery doesn't end up remaining in the box you bought it in.